Intimate Group of Business Owners    Sharing challenges & Breaking them down    Intensive Amazing 4 days    Forces you to Self-examine    Strategizing & Transforming    Leaving as a different, improved self



BALI 11th – 14th July 2019

Intimate Group of Business Owners    Sharing challenges & Breaking them down    Intensive Amazing 4 days    Forces you to Self-examine    Strategizing & Transforming    Leaving as a different, improved self



BALI 11th – 14th July 2019

Many people struggle financially in their business as they don’t have any guidance in how to increase their bottom line profits or their top line sales.

Many people don’t have an exit strategy for their business, which is the first thing that should be in place.

Many people struggle to spend quality family time with partners & their kids, or just even time for themselves as they are busy working really hard to create financial retirement.

Many people are either left or right brained and handle the business as far as each side allows them, but struggle on the other side, to create what they need to keep a good balance.

Both men & women struggle emotionally, sometimes running themselves into the ground & feeling like their partners are not being supportive & hold in many stressful emotions.

The ‘Ultimate Business Detox’ is for you if you feel any of the above, plus so much more.  YOU deserve success, and great success, because you put yourself out there, you go out and educate yourself to drive your success forward, and you have an end goal to make sure your life and those around you are supported and provided for well, and financially for life.

Om suastiastu Bali

We Welcome You To Bali

Imagine being in a place where your total focus is just to get you and your business into huge clarity, so you can work further in much more ease and relaxation.

Imagine being in a place that the energy from the earth seeps up into your body, making magical moments, bringing your mind to such heights in clarity as you focus on all the amazing things we share with you to be where you are wanting to be.

Nobody combines mental health, stress levels re problems, handling family life and business and dealing with the emotions of surviving, along with business coaching.

Until we came along to fill this much needed gap.

Everybody expects you to be able to handle all the bricks thrown at you through your business journey and not have problems at the same time, or show those emotions because you are supposed to be strong & handle the business worries etc.

Well you now don’t have to struggle on your own.

Here in our retreat, you will relax, feel the normal world fall away in beautiful surroundings, feeling like no care in the world, whilst you let your mind take a break and find out the secrets to a successful world of health and wealth.
Learning how to stop spending so much personal time in the business, to work on the business and create it to expand either horizontally or vertically, and run smoothly with everything covered.
Check out our testimonial texts or videos on what previous clients experienced.  Expectations were exceeded, and they even want to come back again.  
Maybe it’s your turn to take a punt, trust in our flow and come experience what could be life changing for you.  I say Life Changing, as what you may expect to get here, may be more than what you even expect.

Running a business can be exhausting, time consuming and you can limit your growth. 

Find your balance in running your businesses stress free, time rich, working on your business, not in your business and how to scale, grow it and keep your health in great condition so your free to spend time with your family and more time with the children if you have any. Stay involved in your favorite hobbies also.

This intimate Master Retreat, puts the FOCUS on YOU and YOUR business alone.
You will sit alongside similar like-minded entrepreneur business owners, learn and experience things that affect many including yourself, as others have same if not more problems to face as you.
We will be set on working on the perfect plan for you.
You will receive Manuals to fill out during the whole workshop as well.
Being there and aware without any other distractions will help shift your beliefs on financial, marketing, sales and health to create a lot of clarity, purpose and outcome for you.
We invite YOU and others who may be involved to come and get your business and lifestyle fully optimized, so LIFE works in a balance for you and your family and friends.  Work less, achieve more and reclaim more freedom.

So you might be surrounded by beautiful scenery, picturesque views, the sound of nothing but the birds in the trees and the silence of the wind, sitting beside other business leaders in an idealistic cultural Resort of Bali, but work will be intense and very full days to make sure you get everything you need to create your steps to being very successful.

You will receive personalized coaching, you will have your business problems discussed, and solutions to move it forward, and you will also have opportunity to have one on one time, with the speakers throughout the course so that you can ONLY move forward with your momentum and growth.

You will leave Bali with a plan, your vision, more confident, and probably with an outcome you didn’t even expect to get.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by, we all know that learning in a live group with experts can enable huge success.

Throughout this journey, you will be supported and empowered with a personalised detox programme so your body feels healthy and gives longevity.

We will give you the tools to lead a sustainable, healthy and energised life style when you leave the retreat.



Business Leadership


Branding & Marketing


Sales Mastery


Business Growth and Financial Freedom


Health & Wellbeing


Successful Exit Strategy

On your own

Lack of knowledge.

No accountability.

Imitating your competitors, no unique point of difference.

Don’t know where to turn.







Health & Happiness


Remove your financial barriers

Reduce your stress

Grow your W.E.A.L.T.HTM and succeed in your business

Improve your health and mindset.

Increase your knowledge and imagination

Quantum Leap Your Business and Personal Success!

Dynamic, world class presenters will lead you to think, and re-think everything you are doing in your business.

Marketing, Branding, Financial and Business Growth, Coaching, Sales Training, World Class W.E.A.L.T.HTM Coaches, International Speakers, Authors, Trainers spending their TIME with you personally in an intimate group, one on one and in the hot seat.

Your Business is a Mirror of You – How Well Are You Leading?

The best business thinking happens away from the desk and your never-ending-to-do list.

Be TRANSFORMATIONAL, not TRANSACTIONAL – by working ON your business and not IN your business you can expand exponentially and grow vertically or horizontally based on your needs and type of business.

Get away from the usual daily rut.  Detox, relax, recharge, connect and learn with other motivated business owners.

Embrace strategies you have never imagined.  Discover the drive and motivation to keep you focused.  Dramatically shift your results by exploring your money mindset, beliefs and habits.  Transform your business and your leadership to propel your business forward.

It is time to invest in yourself.

We challenge you to change the way you think by being part of this Business Detox Retreat.  No matter whether you are a start-up, a successful business owner or an experienced entrepreneur feeling stuck.  If you want change, growth and to future proof your health and wellbeing as a business owner, then we will see you in Bali.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when is the Ultimate Business Detox?

The retreat resort is a comfortable 90 minutes drive from Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport and just a 5 minute walk to the centre of Ubud.

Checkin starts in the afternoon of the day before Day 1 starts. You will be free to check-in at your convenience. Evening meals, many like to meander out and about from the resort and checkout whats around. The Retreat ends on the 4th  day, with check out that evening, or decide to stay longer in Bali for some R&R.

Are the meals included?

Yes! Breakfast, lunch, morning and afternoon tea  are included. Wholesome, organic, seasonal, local and nutritionally dense ingredients are carefully prepared into delicious healthy dishes to delight guests, whilst taking them on an epicurean journey into different culinary styles.

Hot and cold beverages during the day are also provided plus healthy snacks. Evening meals you are left to your own devices to try the local eat outs nearby or delight in yummy massages.

Do I have to book a hotel room?

No, we’ll have a room for you on site (share twin or single), no need to book a room. You’ll have a room for 4 nights from the evening prior to first: Extra days accommodation can be negotiated directly with the resort.

What airport do I have to fly to?

Ngurah Rai International Airport, officially known as Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport, is the main airport in Bali, located 13 km south of Denpasar.

Will I have time for myself?

This is a retreat, it is not designed to be too intensive. There will powerful coaching sessions scheduled, however the rest of the schedule is designed to encourage self-reflection, relaxation and exchange with others if you desire. You will have plenty of time and space for yourself. We offer extra coaching, and at the end of the day.

Also available to you are Yoga, massages, wellbeing treatments, and group walks some amenities are available but may incur private extra costs. Depending on the day, yoga is occasionally being held, and massages are available in resort or outside which is much cheaper. There will be discussions on the wellness retreat, where you can take advantage of certain protocols whilst there. Nigel will be going through different modalities and how they help your health.


Disconnect and discover the keys to life and business harmony


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