Trish Love is an expert Business Advisor and Author.


Co-Founder and Lead Trainer/Coach

Trish is a Money Mindset & Wealth Guru, specialising in business growth & financial intelligence (your beliefs & actions about money.) She’s also an internationally published author through Morgan James publishing, New York.

Trish is an entertaining, international keynote speaker, seminar leader, chartered accountant, business owner and a practical, commercially focused virtual CFO (Chief Financial Officer).


Craig is the co-founder and lead trainer/coach of Freedom Sales Academy. He’s a certified NLP Master Practitioner, a Licensed Professional Business Coach and a Certified DISC Master Practitioner. He’s also an established author, and holds Diplomas in Advanced Body Language & Non-Verbal Communication.

Craig’s programs helped businesses & individuals increase their sales results by 212% and conversions by up to 75% almost instantly!


Kelly is an international business coach specialising in the mindset of growth inside service based industries. Her unique blend of global business experience, counselling and coaching allows her to find the exact places you need to transform internally to get your business to the next level.


Managing Director & CEO of Just Simply Outsourcing Worldwide (JSOW), and has offices in Bali, Philippines & Australia. Utilising the latest software & technology JSOW works with SME’s to market their businesses online.

Serena will show you how to win more clients using the power of Internet and Social media, and how to best use outsourcing to reduce your workload.


Nigel is a body-based Psychotherapist, Master Healer & Holistic Health Consultant. He’s trained in Colon Hydrotherapy, Ayurvedic Pancha karma, Indian Herbalism & Nutritional Alchemy. He creates individualised detox & rejuvenation programs for clients.

With over 15 years of experience, Nigel runs clinics in Sri Lanka & Dublin, Ireland and now Bali. He co-created & co-directed the Hippocrates Europe Health Institute.


Ethan Donati is the founder & Managing Director of a digital marketing company named My Million Dollar Funnels. He will teach you step by step how to use your online presence and digital advertising strategy to get more leads for less cost and more sales for less time.

Apart from building high converting funnels, his area of expertise is neuromarketing, human behaviour and digital marketing implementation. This has allowed him to get unprecedented results for his clients with digital advertising.

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