An Empowerment & Success Breakthrough Coach. I liberate people to believe in themselves when they don’t, I motivate them into believing in themselves, I boost their confidence and I hold their hand while they take the first few steps into reclaiming who they are and what they want in life. I guide them through a journey of spirituality and mindset reprogramming along with movement, journaling, removing negative emotions from the unconscious mind and energy blocks from the body through expression, movement and breath.

This also enables them in Business to move forward faster and create the things they are often blocked from achieving.

The life you desire is certainly within reach, and here’s how I know:

The first thing I do is take them back to who they are at their core and give them an understanding of the stages of development of men and an understanding of women using the queen’s code: in order for them to become the best version of themselves at their core, the person they truly are deep in their being, in their own energy free from masks of others

I push people to see what they can’t by allowing them to reach some kind of breaking point,  the point where life looks too hard to stay the same because to create change is frightening  yet to stay the same is even more scarier.
Through rituals, breath-work, mindset and essential oils used to relax and calm the mind, to remind them of who they are.
After spending time with me, life will never be the same.
Tracy Piscopo talents lie in success coaching with techniques like NLP, Hypnosis, Reiki, Breakthroughs with empowerment etc