Hello! I am Serena Carli.

Managing Director & CEO of Just Simply Outsourcing Worldwide (JSOW), and has offices in Bali, Philippines & Australia. Utilising the latest software & technology JSOW works with SME’s to market their businesses online.

Serena will show you how to win more clients using the power of Internet and Social media, and how to best use outsourcing to reduce your workload.

She is a self-taught entrepreneur, solutions-preneur, nurture-preneur, an empath, and a person who helps solve problems and find solutions for them.

She likens herself to a barefoot entrepreneur as running everywhere barefoot is one of her loves, being connected to the earth and imbibed with the earths energy, which you will see Serena has oodles and oodles of amazing energy, inspiring many with her enthusiasm, drive and don’t give up attitude.

Through her journey she has had the privilege of meeting some famous celebrity peeps. If you are a little curious as to who, scroll down to see.

Serena attended the World’s Number 1 Coaching Conference hosted by JT Foxx in Orlando, Fl., was the recipient of Entrepreneur of the Year Gold Medal for Australia.

Serena is passionate about health and has spent the past 10 years immersed in learning about what makes us sick and how to hea our body naturally.This passion along with her diverse business coaching, lead to Serena co-founding the Ultimate Business Detox Retreat.

Learn how to look after YOU so you can look after YOUR business.

Meet Serena Carli

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