Entrepreneur, Speaker, Marketer

Neil Barker is a charismatic businessman born in the friendly city of Port Elizabeth and is the Managing Director of Oracle Media, a stake holder of an online Radio Station and a Hair Salon – Bliss. Even though he has his LLB Law Degree (NNMU), he gravitated to a world of media because of his love for people and telling their stories in a truthful manner.

Through realising his vision of successfully linking social media and business, Neil entrenched innovation and change as the company’s winning principles. Since the media lane is fast-paced, competitive and influenced greatly by Social Media, he saw a gap in the market and he offered his business skills and Social Media knowledge to businesses seeking to gain tracking.

Neil’s motto in life is based on Mahatma Ghandi’s quote: “Be the change you wish to see in the world” and this rings true in the way he runs his businesses and how it has filtered into the vision of Oracle Media as well as the approach to their service delivery. He is a definite change agent and through his natural leadership and resourcefulness, he is cut out to be an entrepreneur. In his spare time you will find Neil giving Social Media talks, Business Talks and mentoring other Entrepreneurs.